Program Details

Sudbury Community Electricity Aggregation (CEA) is the Town’s program to provide residents and businesses new choices for electricity supply. It has been active since August 2017, and in August 2020, the Town changed electricity suppliers, to NextEra Energy Services. No action is required to remain in the Sudbury CEA program with the new supplier. Sudbury CEA is a municipal aggregation, or Community Electricity Aggregation, program operated by the Town of Sudbury. With Sudbury CEA, Eversource continues to deliver electricity and manage all electricity billing. The only change is the source and cost of electricity supply, chosen by the Town of Sudbury through a competitive bidding process.

Product Choices

Sudbury CEA offers three choices for your electricity supply. The chart below describes these choices and compares them to current Basic Service electricity supply rates from Eversource.

Sudbury Green*Premium 100% Local GreenSudbury BasicEversource Basic Service
Renewable energy100% above state standards^: 15% MA Class I and 85% National Wind RECs100% local renewable energy above state standards: 100% MA Class IMeets state standardsMeets state standards
Industrial$0.10629/kWh$0.13722/kWh$0.10624/kWh$0.11423/kWh NEMA
August 2020 – December 2023August 2020 – December 2023August 2020 – December 2023January – June 2021
* Default product in which a participant is enrolled, unless one has affirmatively selected a different product or has opted out of the Sudbury CEA program.
^To learn more about the State’s renewable energy standards, including
MA Class I, click here.
Products described as Green contain renewable energy above that required by state law.
**NEMA – Northeastern Massachusetts Load Zone

The Sudbury CEA program seeks to provide price stability and average savings over the duration of the program, however because future Basic Service rates are not known beyond months shown in the table above, there is no guarantee of savings. Rates apply to service beginning and ending on the days of the month that your meter is read in your service area.

Massachusetts Power Information Disclosure Label

January – March 2020
Commercial & Industrial

Program Contact Information

For customer service, contact Good Energy, the energy consultant that administers the program, at (844) 864-3828 or complete the contact us form.

NextEra Energy Services – program supplier

Phone: (855) 639-8174 Monday – Friday, 9 AM to 5 PM EST Email: