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Supporting New Renewables in New England

Each year, Sudbury CEA purchases about 3,600 MWh of local New England-based renewable energy (MA Class I) above and beyond what is required by State law. This additional renewable energy equates to the annual output of one land-based wind turbine (1.5 MW). Looking ahead, with Sudbury CEA tripling the amount of local renewable energy, this will increase to three wind turbines! Participants that opt up to Sudbury Premium 100% Local Green can help us increase the impact even more!

Using Sudbury Premium 100% Local Green will make you a leader in supporting the growth of renewable energy in our region, costing the average Sudbury household $28 per month compared to the standard product (typical monthly bill uses less than 11,000 kWh).

Opt up to Sudbury Premium 100% Local Green

Products described as Green contain renewable energy above that required by state law. The additional renewable energy qualifies for MA Class I designation. Local refers to geographic areas permitted under MA Class I designation, namely New England, New York, and eastern Canada.